Wild Blueberries, An Anti-Aging Fruit

What To Know About Wild BlueberriesWild blueberries are a small roundish fruit, medium to a deep blue in color. Wild blueberries have an excellent tasty sweet flavor grown naturally in the wild, as a chemical free organic fruit known to be vital in the anti-aging process. Wild blueberries, an anti-aging fruit are known as one of the best fruits for anti-aging, they are most likely to be found in northern pine forests, and along hillsides. Because of their satisfying flavor, they are available in many meal and snack recipes, soft drinks, and eaten freshly hand-picked or as a frozen snack.What Causes Free Radicals and AgingFree radicals are known to be formed within the body as an effect of oxidation. We should make a daily habit of consuming Vitamin C and E as those found in blueberries are strawberries, blackberries, as they are a vital factor in helping fight free radicals, a form of oxygen known to cause destruction and death to healthy body cells by disturbing tissue and membrane or functions of the liver and heart.Free radicals are formed if unprotected to intense UV radiation and air pollution such as smoke and sunlight. They have been known to accumulate in our body that can aid in the advancing of age, and in growing age related diseases. In our fight against anti-aging other nutrients are just as essential, such as protein, calcium and vitamin D. Those people who consume these vital nutrients on a consistent daily basis can help themselves in the anti-aging process.How Anti-oxidants Fight Free RadicalsAntioxidants today are a much discussed topic. They support our bodies by guarding us against disease and age-linked health threats. Body cells each day are constantly fighting against free radicals, erratic oxygen molecules linked with cancer, heart disease and the advancement of aging. Nutritional antioxidants are known to ward off these free radicals.Natural substances found in fruits and vegetables known as phytonutrients, deactivate free radicals and aid in stopping cell damage. Antioxidants are believed to be an important element in brain aging, alzheimer’s disease and other aging diseases, and a safeguard against inflammation. The powerful antioxidants are extremely concentrated in the deep blue color of Wild Blueberries, an anti-aging fruit containing flavonoids and other phenolics known as anthocyanins. Wild blueberries contain more anthocyanin than most fruits and vegetables.Of the numerous health benefits of wild blueberries, here are few more commonly known benefits:• Brain Health: Research has shown that blueberries, the natural “brain food” may progress motor skills and truly reverse the short-term memory loss that progressive aging may provide.• Cancer Prevention: Research has shown that compounds in blueberries may prevent all phases of cancer.• Heart Health: Blueberries have been shown to guard against heart disease and destruction from a stroke according to some researchers.• Urinary Tract Health: Blueberries are known to help avoid UTH, in the way that cranberries do.• Vision Health: Studies and reports support the fact that blueberries may increase night vision and prevent sleepy eyes.In conclusion, the anti-aging process is very easy to follow, good nutrition is vital to natural anti-aging, if you set your goal to consume the daily requirement of one cup or more each day, a good place to start each day is with breakfast, and wild blueberries, an anti-aging fruit and other anti-aging foods will provide you with a healthy and enjoyable life.

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